used clothing



Are you looking for a reliable supplier of quality used clothing for your business?

Used Clothing Wholesalers source all our clothing from Italy, Germany, Louxembourg and is graded by our expert team of graders on-site. This allows us to provide designer and high street labels on to our customers meaning you make more money .

We supply used clothing to a wide range of trade customers from market and Ebay traders to large import, export companies. These customers regularly buy stock from us as the standard of clothing we provide and the reliability of our company is second to none.

Unlike other wholesale companies our aim is to keep things simple and allow you to purchase the clothing stock you need to run a successful business with no hassle or stress.

All our clothing is weighed and baled , we produce different type of bales: 40kg, 50kg,80kg and for our buyers from India and Pakistan bales above 400 kg.  

All our customers are important to us and you as a potential customer are just as important so we are always happy to talk to you to discuss your wants and needs so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.