TEXVAL our Mission

Texval is a big company in the field of second hand clothing wholesale

texval import export second hand used clothes clothing wholesale company

Texval deals with the management and recovery of used garments, emering into the global market and contributing, thanks to his work, to environmental protection.
The company is made up of a team of people who cooperate together and plegded their open minds and their different experiences at the service of the company, so today Texval is a big company in the field of import and export second hand clothing wholesale.
We only use high quality garments, to offer you the best selection and Made in Italy taste.
We are in partnership with the most efficient shipping companies and we are dealing with exports all over the world.
We invite you to visit our company, to test closely the quality of our work.

Innovation is Key

 What’s The Key to Our Success?

Continuous training and updating in the company, to work in synergy.

Any Question? We are Always Connected!

We will be able to support you in choosing the items that best fit your needs. Contact Us!

The Ideal Partner for Your Business

We have extensive work processes and choice of garments and footwear.

How We Can Reach Our Goals?

We work, with passion, since 2012 in the field of second hand clothing.