TEXVAL Products & Services

Texval is a big company in the field of second hand clothing wholesale


We are looking for high quality second hand clothing and footwear with the utmost care and experience, with the taste of the Italian fashion.
We offer a wide selection of garments for men, women and children.
The garments are placed in bales or bags of different weight and size to optimize space during transport and maximize the gains.
Texval selects more than 26 tons of used garments per day, our highly skilled team will offer you with the best selections and Made in Italy to provide the right product that suits your needs: we will be the ideal partner for you and your business!


We work and export used garments all over the world.
We select different qualities of used garments, dividing them by target markets; the garments are packaged in bales or bags of 25 and 50 kg or according to the needs of the customer and shipped all over the world.
The doors of our company are always open to our customers, we invite you to visit us and recognize the quality of our clothes items, sure we have all the requirements to establish a durable working relationship over time.